10 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners Which are Super Easy

The skills of Skateboarding don’t come running towards you. You have to run towards them in order to master them. Most of them are not as easy as they look. These skills involve a lot of practice and a lot of falling down. There are endless techniques to skateboarding that you need to master for becoming a pro skateboarder.
The sport has gained so much popularity since its inception, that schools and institutions have come into place for teaching such skills and techniques.

For getting into the mood of pro skateboarders or even a medium skateboarder, you need to perfect your basic skills. Only when you are completely comfortable with your board and the balance, you should start with some of the basic tricks.

Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

Once you begin with the basics, it is important not to get carried away with them all at once. Get your basics correct and you can ace them with the least effort. When you are done with the basics, then only move on to the harder ones to progress.

There are some really cool, yet easy tricks which don’t require a lot of practice.
We have made a list of the 10 best Skateboard Tricks for Beginners to help them learn easily.

10 Skateboard Tricks for Beginners

1. The Hippie Jump

The Hippie Jump is one of the most basic and easy tricks out there.  The basics which you will need for performing this trick is to take a normal jump off the skateboard in a forward motion and coming back on the board in time to not fall off.

While jumping, give the board a little push, in the direction you are moving. Then take a small jump so that you can land back on the deck.

You can even find props, like a rail or something alike. Let your skateboard pass through the object all across it while you, take a jump over that object ahead and land back to the deck again.

Keep practicing until you can jump the highest on any kind of obstacle.

One important thing to note down while practicing is, do not press on the tail or the nose of the board when you are jumping or landing. If you press it, there is a good chance, that you might fall off the board and injure yourself due to imbalance. Always try and land on your bolts for a smoother landing. This is no doubt a very simple skateboarding trick for beginners.

2. Nose pick up

Picking up your board in a normal way is obviously easy, but the Nose pick up is way cooler than the normal one.
This trick is just the opposite of what a normal pick up looks like. If you are a fast cruiser, this can be done a lot easier, rather than at a normal speed.

All you have to do is place your front foot on your nose while rolling down. Then take a small jump with the help of your toes and reach down and grab the board. While doing so, the tail of the board will automatically come up behind you and then you should move your hand to your back and so that you can easily hold on to your board again.

Never try to stop exactly on your nose as it might make the board fly away and will get you to hurt yourself.
Start practicing by keeping yourself still. Then keep your front foot on the nose use your front foot to press down your nose. Now you can let the board pop up.
Once you are ready, you can roll off in any manner and try it out.

3. Ollie pick up

The Ollie Pick Up is another technique that is counted in the list of easy skateboard tricks in the book. You get to pop the board and look cool at the same time.
All you need is to follow some steps to perfect the trick.

  • Keep riding in a forward direction and try to hop the tail of the deck a little bit.
  • Once you are able to pop the tail easily, you can move on with the technique
  • Kick start the board and pop up the tail again.
    While the deck is in popping mode, take off your front as well as the back foot from the board onto the ground.
  • Once the board is in air, try to catch hold of it to end the trick.

Once you push the tail upwards and the board goes into the air, it is your cue to quickly get off it and hold it before it hits the ground.
You just have to be sure to pop the tail correctly, otherwise, the board can snap off your feet and you might end up getting hurt.

4. Fakie Kick turn

The Fakie Kick Turn is one of the most basic skateboard tricks you need to know once you get into the sport. If you follow the tutorial correctly, you can ace this in less time with the least effort. First, you need to ride the board backward for continuing with the trick.

After that, you need to turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction in which you started. Start turning your head and shoulders first and then push the tail of the board softly. Then, move your entire body and the board will follow the same direction. This is the end of the trick. Keep on practicing until you perfect it. That is all you need to know about this technique.

5. Chinese Nollie

The Chinese Nollie or simply Nollie is one of the most common tricks pulled by all types of skateboarders.
When it comes to ranking, this would be in the top 5 most practiced tricks of all time.
You need to learn and understand the following steps in order to learn the technique.

  • Firstly, you have to nudge your board forward to speed it up a little bit.
  • Secondly, give the tail of the board a little push to lift it off the ground.
  • Apply some pressure on the tail so that it stays off the ground while you hit the crack with the front wheels to bounce it off too.
  • The rest of you and your feet will stay on the board and it will eventually hit the ground.

Take care to not apply too much pressure on the tail, otherwise, you can flip off of it and injure your jaw or face. Maintain the balance after hitting the ground to avoid any mishap.

6. Kick turn on a ramp

This is also a basic trick you need to know if you are planning to skateboard on a ramp. You just need to follow some easy steps in order to ace the technique. This one would be a great start to perform at a proper skateboard park.

You can do this both, front sided as well as back sided. Start with the front sided one and then move onto the back-sided technique. It will depend mostly on your posture you carry while skateboarding.

Start skateboarding and once you reach the end of the ramp, you must now take a kick turn to move back on track. Start the trick by softly applying some pressure to the tail of the board.

Once the front wheels are in the air, only a little bit, turn your shoulders and head a bit when you want to turn the board. Then follow the same direction with the rest of your body and the board will go in the same direction as your body.

You should take care to not apply a lot of weight on the tail, as it can flip and cause you injuries. While turning, lean towards the ramp to apply even load on both the ends of the board.

Do not overturn just soon. Take your time up the ramp and gradually master up the trick.

7. Boneless

Boneless is one such thing that will keep it on the top of the list of cool skateboard tricks. It can be a little tricky at first, but if you can master it, you will be able to master all other tricks easily.

This technique requires more footwork than other ones. You need to jump with your foot and jump back again on the board with your foot.
Follow the steps and keep on practicing-

  • Start skateboarding in the forward direction.
  • Apply a little pressure on the tail and hold the board near the wheels and your front foot.
  • Grab the board with your hand while keeping the back foot on it intact and jumping with your front foot.
  • Once you are keeping hold of the board maintain balance by placing the front foot on the ground.
  • Jump back to the board with the front foot and continue riding.

This might seem a bit scary at first, but once you start practicing it, this trick will definitely become one of your favorites.

8. Rail stand

The Rail Stand is definitely a harder trick for beginners, but not too hard for a beginner either. You first need to perfect the balancing act of the board before starting the trick.

Hold onto something, if you are trying this technique for the first time. You need to follow some easy to understand steps before getting into the Rail stand position-

  • Keep your feet up so that your front foot keeps pushing down the side. It will help the board to flip over.
  • Once it flips, place your back foot hanged on the back wheel. Once the board turns, step over on top of it.
  • Bring the front foot back to stand on the board with both your feet.
    You are now into the Rail Stand position.
  • After that, slightly push forward, and you will be back on the top of the board

9. Biebelheimer

Don’t be startled by the name, it is one of the best and the coolest skate tricks for beginners. You will learn how to get on the board stylishly. You just have to throw the board in the right manner and bam! Now you will get hold of the trick easily.

Moreover, you do not have to ride on the board to practice this. Biebelheimer is a technique to get on the board and then practice all other tricks. Follow the steps one by one to understand them easily-

  • Get hold of the board and place your thumb on the grip side of it. The other fingers will obviously be on the backside of the board.
  • The deck should be facing forward and in a certain angle so as to flip on the fall.
  • Throw the board with a little force until it bounces back in the angle you can jump on the deck to move forward.

Keep on hitting the board on to the ground until it flips back in an angle where you can hop onto it. Once you hop back onto the deck, you can now continue skateboarding as usual.

10. No Comply

No Comply is one of the classiest tricks in town when it comes to skateboarding. It is definitely a little tricky, but once you master the technique, it will become one of your favorites. Just follow the mentioned steps and keep on practicing for better performance-

  • It is almost like Boneless. Keep your front foot at a location where you can easily get off the board.
  • The back foot must press the tail of the board slightly so that you get a spin while doing that.
  • Once you practice the spin, keep your front foot back on the deck again to keep moving.

You can break down the activities into two parts to keep on practicing. One is to practice being stationery and the other activity being the back-foot lifting motion of the board.


Skateboarding can be a lot of fun if you get to learn all these cool tricks one by one. Once you learn a technique, you get that kick to go onto another one and then another one. Soon, you will have mastered them all.
We have selected the best ones to make you understand how to do skateboard tricks for beginners.
Go out on the streets to practice them and be careful to wear all the protective gadgets to be safe.

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