Learn Longboard Dancing the Easiest Way

As we all know, longboarding has always been fun as a sport. It is a way to keep yourself refreshed and active. There are many tricks and techniques when it comes to skateboarding or longboarding. For becoming a pro, you need to master all of them correctly. There is another form to longboarding called ‘Longboard Dancing’. This is an art form that has emerged not long ago but has certainly gained a lot of popularity in a short span of time.

The skills of the form are not easy and take a lot of time to perfect them.  You might fall off a lot, but if you really want to ace this dance form, you must be ready to fail and fall off a lot of times. Get up again and keep on practicing until you have successfully learned the tricks.

Dancing on a longboard is easier because of its length. Because of this art form, you will also enhance your boarding skills while free riding or downhill cruising or just commuting. Not just that, but this can also introduce a way of style to your riding skills in general.

Longboard Dancing

There are many forms of longboard dancing with different difficulty levels. Some are for beginners, some for intermediate and some advanced. We have covered some easy ones for you to kick start the day.

Type of Longboard to be Used for Longboard Dancing

The type of board you choose for the dancing part is very important so that it does not limit your abilities.
A board with quality components will last longer and therefore be a good choice for dancing.

Choose the one that is specifically built for Longboard Dancing. They have some unique features like more length and width of the deck, double kicktail, that you won’t find in the usual boards.

Usually, bigger decks have more weight than normal ones and hence you should go for the boards that also weigh less. These features help you get all the answers of how to longboard dance with style.

Some of the best options you could go for right now are- Liqwood Skywalker, Loaded Bhangra, Loaded Tarab or The Magneto Bamboo Dancer.

The length should vary between 42-48 inches and the width should be at least 10-12 inches for best portray of your moves. Go for a more flexible deck for showing off the awesome dance techniques.

We have gathered a list of some renowned dancing tricks to help you with the process.

  1. Ghostride

    The Ghostride has to be on the top of the list as the most basic longboard dancing for beginners. It is very easy to learn and perform. It is also used in a combination of techniques to execute a whole dance routine. The following steps will help you understand the trick better-

  • While riding your longboard, make sure your feet are at equal distances from each other and the tails of the board.
  • You need to jump off the board with the help of your rear foot.
    The foot needs to overlap with the forward foot in order to jump.
  • You would now be facing the board while your forward foot is still in the air.
  • Jump back on the board with your forward board quickly to finish off the trick.

Keep on practicing until you hit the right note. You can even try to practice being stationery first. When you are confident enough, start riding the board to get on with the technique.

  1. Cross Stepping

This technique is one of the most basic ones you will find in the dance form. Obviously, you will need to practice this as long as you do not ace it up. There is a simple process associated with it-

  • If you are a regular footer, place your right foot in the center, closer to the nose.
    If you are a goofy person, place your left foot in the center, near to the nose.
  • The other foot will be placed on the tail of the deck.
  • Start riding.
    Place the forward foot in the middle of the board and put all your weight onto that foot.
  • The other foot will then cross over the forward foot at the front nose of the deck.
  • Then, move the forward foot again from behind to the front while putting all the weight on the rear foot.
  • Whenever you are changing the position the board will also go to and fro because of the shift in weight.

Don’t forget to carve into the trick. It will enable to maintain the motion uniform even if you are dancing. For further aid, watch the YouTube tutorial on how to perform the trick visually. Click on the above link to open the webpage.

  1. Peter Pan

    The Peter Pan dancing technique can be said to be one of the best elegant tricks on a board. This is quite simple to learn and extra fun to actually perform.
    In simple words, you will do crisscrossing in the middle of the board while riding.
    You just need to follow the steps mentioned for understanding the basic concept of the trick-

  • Start with riding the board. Place your left foot on the parallel rail in the middle, if you are a regular footer.
    Place your front foot on the opposite or the left rail in the middle of the deck if you are goofy.
  • Now place the rear foot in a criss-cross manner parallelly.
  • While crisscrossing you need to place your feet on the rail to initiate carving as well.
  • Repeat the crisscrossing action as you desire.
  • Keep your feet in a parallel position throughout the dancing technique.

Keep yourself balanced by spreading your hands when practicing. Always keep the right pressure on your neck and shoulder while carving to avoid any injury.

When you want to finish the technique, just place your forward foot back at the same place as you do longboarding regularly. Place it in the middle of the deck while crisscrossing to end the trick carefully.
While moving your foot on the side of the rail, try to put all your weight onto the rail for better carving.
You should try to practice the motion on the grass first in order to learn it and then on flat grounds.

  1. Ghostride Kickflip

    This is the most common tricks in longboard dancing. It can also be said as one of the easiest flips in all of the flips. The Ghostride Kickflip is quite simple to understand. We have provided you a series of steps to make sure you get a good hold on the technique-

  • While riding the board, keep the distance between your feet the same as your shoulders.
    You should be standing in the middle section of the board with equal distances from the tails.
  • Jump off the board with the help pf your forward foot.
    The forward foot depends on the stance you have, i.e. regular or goofy.
  • The forward foot would be on the ground while the rear foot would be slightly bent and a little in the air.
  • With that foot, you are going to flip your board with a little force.
  • While the board in the air, make sure that you now have to land with your forward foot onto the deck before it hits the ground.

Now that you have landed, the trick has come to an end and you can keep on riding as usual.
Keep on practicing it, because this flip is used in a lot of other dancing techniques. You can perform a lot of other tricks once you have mastered the Ghostride Kickflip.

  1. Casanova

This trick is actually a little tricky, but when you get a hold on it, it might become one of your favorites’. It is a combination of the three techniques we have just mentioned above, namely, Cross Stepping, Peter Pan and Ghostride Kickflip.

Follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to understand the notion behind the Casanova.

  • Start off by doing a little cross step.
    You can either do cross-step and then Ghostride Kickflip to complete the trick or just Peter Pan and Ghostride Kickflip to finish off. Another way is to do all three by one to have the maximum fun at Casanova.
  • Instead of putting back your forward foot in the middle and your rear foot at the usual places after Cross step, put the rear foot in a parallel position like Criss-crossing.
  • Complete the Peter Pan. At the end of it instead of putting your left foot in a Crisscross manner over the deck, place the foot on the ground and jump off the board.
  • Face the board and with your left foot (for regular footed people) or with your right foot (for goofy people) flip the board.
  • Yes, we are wanting you to do a Ghostride Kickflip!
  • To finish off the Casanova, land back on the board and keep on riding.

We were not joking about the trick is a combination of these three techniques. Keep on practicing. For better visual understanding, click on the link above and start riding.

  1. Pirouette

The Pirouette is also present in the list of some easy tricks while longboarding. It is an elegant dance trick, that also looks very poised. It comes mainly in two variations. They are 180 degrees and 360 degrees Pirouette. They are easy to understand and learn
Follow the steps below to get a good grip on the dancing technique-

  • In your longboarding stance, you are going to spin for the trick.
  • Place your feet in equal distances from the tail of the board.
  • Now drop all the weight on your right feel (if you are regularly footed) or the left foot (if you are goofy-footer) and with your rear leg in the air, take a spin.
  • Take half a spin for 180-degree Pirouette and a full spin for 360 degrees Pirouette.
  • Continue riding while keeping the balance.

We have come to the end of the trick. For better understanding, go to the attached link and learn better with a visual aid.

  1. Chop The Wood

    Another basic, yet interesting dancing tricks to learn. You just need to follow the steps below to understand it and hold onto it firmly-

  • Hop onto the board and start riding.
  • You can also practice this at one place stationery. Once you get the hold on it, you can start to carry out the technique while riding.
  • Take a small jump and put your rear foot out of the board, as if you are kicking a can or something lying on the ground.
  • Jump back on the board.
    When you had taken the first jump, you had put all your weight onto the front foot, which leads to carving.

This trick is really fun and exciting. Make sure to keep your hands in the air to maintain balance. We would suggest taking deeper carves while jumping so that the technique leaps onto something even more interesting.
Make sure to watch the video link attached for a better grasp of the technique.

  1. Look Back

Another entry in the Longboard dancing list id the Look Back trick. It is a very stylish and cool technique to show off to your friends and people in general. You sure will get a lot of looks while riding the board. It is simple to understand. You just have to follow the steps below and you can start the day of looking back (the good looking back).

  • Start practicing being at a standstill. Once you get the hold of the trick, you can start practicing it while riding the board.
  • Stand in a goofy stance for a regular footer person for the trick.
  • Keep your forward foot leaning towards the front direction.
  • Now jump on the ground with the rear foot from the backside.
  • Then kick the board forward with the forward foot and stop it with your heel from the tail.
  • Pull back the board back towards your fast and jump right back onto it in the opposite stance from where you started.
    Note: As a longboard dancing tip, we would suggest to pull back the board with the proper force to land on it appropriately.

You can also visit the link on the title for the video tutorial. Keep on practicing the trick unless you ace it and then get ready to show off in front of others.


Longboard dancing has surely emerged as a competitive sport on its own for some time now. It is gaining recognition all around the world with people going crazy over its trend. We have selected the best tricks for dancing that are the best to learn for beginners or amateurs. But you make sure you have a good longboard along with best quality longboard wheels before you start learning longboard dancing because poor quality longboard wheels can get you in trouble.

What are you waiting for, get out of your houses and start practicing these really cool tricks and get trendy with this chic sport dancing.

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