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The world of skateboarding or longboarding is wide and large. Understanding every bit and aspect of this sport can be challenging if you are new at it. There are a lot of things and techniques that are involved with it, and sometimes, you can fall short of time getting to know around.

kryptonics skateboard review

There are several brands and companies floating in the market today, providing you all kinds of longboards and skateboards. The decision to buy the best board for yourself can be overwhelming if you are not aware of the pros and cons of different brands.

One of the companies in this business is Kryptonics.
It is one of the well-known names in the department of boards. If you are looking for a longboard, we have provided a Kryptonics longboard review in this article. It will help you pick out the best product as per your taste and preference. Don’t be disappointed, as we have also included Kryptonic skateboard review to be on the safer side.

You can start making some notes now on the best pick of the season.

About Kryptonics Company

Kryptonics is a skateboard company that has been in existence since 1965, accounting for more than 50 years of experience in the area of skateboards. This brand is supposed to be a subsidiary of Bravo Sports. Bravo owns multiple brands and manufactures a variety of action sport and toy items.

The brand is named as the first of its type to build polyurethane wheels for skateboards, which radically changed the whole board game in the initial stages of the sport. It was also the first company to introduce color-coded wheels for the skateboards.

Kryptonics is a very versatile brand. This can be traced to the range of products it offers to the public, providing skateboards, cruisers, protective gears, wheels as well as longboards.
Seeing all this, this would not feel like a surprise when the company slowly overtook the entire market for skateboard wheels in the early ’70s.

The company did start in the parking lots of Santa Monica, like Google or Amazon, and made a niche for themselves in the industry quickly. The wheels were particularly advanced because of the bouncy nature, which made them very fast and resilient even on rough surfaces.

Are Kryptonics Skateboards, Longboards any good?

The brand has revolutionized the board game since the beginning of the sport. They came up with an affordable as well as a quality range of boards for the people. Not just in the past, but even now, they can be found as one of the best brands in the market. The innovations made by them created a new gateway for the skateboards or longboards or cruisers.

These are considered as one of the best choices for the ones who are beginners and also looking for something within the budget.

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting a board before you can answer the question- Is Kryptonic a good skateboard brand or not?
They provide excellent quality wheelbase for the board. The products are decent and affordable for ordinary people. They come pre-assembled and have a good reputation in the market. There are other factors also to look for, like quality, warranties, trucks used, kind of bearings used, and many more.

In the recent views, as per many users of the skating community, Kryptonic has started to lack the high rated performance it used to provide at earlier stages.

Many have claimed that because of the increase in cheaper models available at Walmart stores, the overall quality of the skateboards has fallen as compared to the former collection.

There are still many versions of the brand that will provide you the old performance live in action, only if you choose the right one.

Kryptonics Skateboards, Longboards Reviews

Hence, we have reviewed some of the better models of Kryptonic for your convenience.


  • Dimension: 31 x 7.5 x 3 inches
  • Wheel Size: 52 x 33mm
  • Weight: 5.6 Pounds

Extra features: It is quite versatile as it offers good cruising ability or freeriding down the hill capacity.

The Kryptonics Drop-In series 31” inches skateboard is one the best Kryptonic boards for the beginners or novices in the sport. The board is quite stylish in look and will give you a professional feel wherever you take it.

It measures 7.5″ x 31″ and has a double kicktail, that helps it make sharper turns than usual. It is built with the help of a 9-ply maple deck for added strength and ABEC 3 bearings for extra speed. Though the abec rating is less than required, this board still is considered suitable for the amateurs.

The wheels of the skateboard come in dimensions 52mm x 33mm, which are made of polyurethane formula, helping in achieving a smoother ride on the streets. The concave deck on the board with aluminum built “Orbit” trucks, makes the skateboard an ideal choice for practicing those skateboarding skills in real. It is quite versatile as it offers good cruising ability or freeriding down the hill capacity. It can bear a maximum riding weight of about 220 pounds.

The board comes pre-assembled with grip-tape and hardware, which makes your work more comfortable in one go. You also have to make sure to adjust the trucks before you go riding, as per your height and weight.


  • One of the best choices for beginners
  • Come pre-assembles
  • Polyurethane wheels give you a smoother ride
  • Built with 9-ply maple, making it stronger
  • Versatile in nature


  • Not very great for fast speed rides
  • Parts might break off over excessive use


  • Dimension: 28 x 8.8 x 3 inches
  • Wheel Size: 60 x 40mm
  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds

Extra features: It has the universal cruiser shape design that helps in providing excellent control and smooth braking.

The Kryptonics 28’’ In Lay Cruiser Skateboard is one of the best cruiser skateboards for entry-level players. It will slide and curve just the way you want it to and is, therefore, an excellent choice for every skateboarder out there who wants to enter into the world of skateboarding. This Kryptonic cruiser review will surely help you in making the correct choice in the selection process. It has the universal cruiser shape design that helps in providing excellent control and smooth braking.

It has a solid 8-ply maple deck built for added strength so that it doesn’t break off easily. The board also comes with heavy-duty 6-inch aluminum trucks, placed in the wheel to help prevent any wheel bite during the ride. The PU cast 60mm x 40mm wheels will offer you a smooth ride, at any surface you might want to try your luck on.

One of the downfalls in the board is that the ABEC rating is a little low for a cruiser skateboard. The bearings come with ABEC 3 rating, which will surely make the ride smoother in every sense, but a little bumpier and shaky in longer distances.

The board comes with a single kicktail, thereby helping the rider make sharper turns while cruising around the streets. The wheels are made of soft 88A urethane bushings, helping in a smooth ride, while the 12mm angled riser pads help in supporting higher weight with faster speed. Moreover, these wheels could also be used for longboards, as they are quite soft.


  • Solid 8-ply deck for added strength
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Soft urethane wheels make the ride pleasant
  • Can also be used as longboard wheels


  • Low ABEC reading for a cruiser board


  • Dimension: 40 x 9.5 x 3 inches
  • Wheel Size: 69 x 55mm
  • Weight: 9.1 Pounds

Extra features: The board is versatile as it can glide across the sidewalks or steep hills or down the park, making it one of the best choices for cruising as well as freeriding.

The Kryptonics 40” Blocktail longboard is one such longboard that will make your ride experience way classier than you might imagine. The looks are elegant and stylish and are hewed with a Tahiti inspired design to make the feel of the ride as amazing as possible.

Its deck measure 40” x 9.5” and is fashioned with an 8-ply maple deck for the added durability and strength. The board has a 69mm x 55mm poured polyurethane wheels with carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings that help in offering a smooth and stable ride.

The composite trucks on them are built for supporting a higher weight and faster speed. Its blocktail design is made stable and low to the ground with a slightly concave shape for added control during the journey. The wheel cutouts help in preventing wheel bite while the grip tape on the board helps in delivering excellent traction. This helps in strengthening the grip on the board, which helps you stay balanced for longer time like commuting in the city.

It is, again, an excellent choice for beginners who want to enter the sport. The board is versatile as it can glide across the sidewalks or steep hills or down the park, making it one of the best choices for cruising as well as freeriding. This can bear a maximum weight of about 220 lb. The board comes fully assembled, making it easier for you to unpack it and take your first ride in a flash of time.


  • Versatile in nature
  • Good traction
  • Durable and stable
  • Gives a balanced ride
  • Stylish graphics on display


  • No noticeable con


  • Dimension: 36 x 8.5 x 3 inches
  • Wheel Size: 62 x 51mm
  • Weight: 6.59 Pounds

Extra features: The blacktail design is stable and low to the ground with a slightly concave shape for the added control.

The Kryptonics 36-Inch Blocktail Longboard is traditionally a board that comes with a general curve and winged swallowtail, making it a stylish and smart option for the riders. It comes with a single kicktail for sharper turns and slides.

It includes a grasp promotion piece on the tail that is very much molded and comes with a long-lasting wheelbase. The board measures 36-inches, which is built with the help of thick and durable 8-ply maple wood deck, making it stronger.

The blacktail design is stable and low to the ground with a slightly concave shape for the added control. The soft polyurethane wheels measure 62mm*51mm, giving the rider as well as the board a greater speed for faster rides. Its carbon steel ABEC-5 bearings will help in offering a smooth ride.

The board is also built with heavy-duty 6” aluminum angled trucks with soft polyurethane bushings, and 12mm angled riser pads to support higher weight with faster speed.

This longboard is best for beginners who want to enter into this sport. One downfall of the board is its plastic trucks, which tend to bend after some use, making the board inoperable unless you replace them often.


  • Are supposed to be quite a popular option for sliding or freeriding
  • Considered to be the best option for amateurs
  • Offers excellent grip on roads
  • Provides a balance between gripping and sliding
  • They have Cosmic Centerset Core for even wear on the ground


  • You will find the graphics chipped off after some use
  • Not as long-lasting as advertised

Our Honest Review of Kryptonics Skateboards and Longboards

Kryptonics is undoubtedly a good and well-established brand that has come a long way in innovating the boards since the beginning of its inception. It still has many products hidden under its sleeve that need to be discovered to avail the best features.

The general skateboards or longboards available in Walmart are no doubt cheap, but may not be the best choice for you. The above category of longboards and skateboards are a good pick for your next investment.

If you are limited on the budget part, get the cheaper versions at Walmart. They will tend to break off easily after some use, and you will have to replace them quite often too.
I would suggest going for a good priced model in order to reap most benefits out of it.

Overall this brand can offer you some very good skateboards and longboards for amateurs and professionals. If you have read our previous articles, you might have got some ideas about the different features you require in a good quality board. Waste no more time and invest in a good Kryptonic board right now.

Final Verdict

We have tried to limit down your options to the best ones available right now in the market. Kryptonics may not be the best brand right now, but it does have some really good options for you.
The above article will help save your time and effort in choosing the right skateboard or longboard for your next purchase.

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