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When it comes to skateboarding, we all have wanted to try the sport at least once in our lives. It gives us the adrenaline rush to kick start the day. People from all ages adore skateboarding, be it a 5year old child or 60 years old grandpa. Earlier there were only a few companies to bring into the market, different kinds of skateboards and longboards.

best krown skateboard reviews

If we compare the number by now, you would be surprised to see the increase, not only in the number of companies offering us boards, but also the huge variety of choices they have given us.
Due to this, it has also created a lot of confusion in the market as to what boards to buy, what should be the perfect specifications to look for, which brand to choose and so much more.

Gathering some knowledge before inducing yourself into a whole lot of choices makes it easier to select a correct board that will last for a longer period of time. Therefore, we have decided to help you manage your time and energy in looking for the best and the worst companies to buy your skateboards from.
One such popular company, we are going to discuss in the article is Krown Skateboard Company.

We have taken our brains to get you honest reviews about the company and some of its best skateboards manufactured till date.
This article will provide you with the 4 best Krown skateboard reviews for beginners and you have to choose from among them, the best one as per your requirements and taste.

About Krown Skateboard Company

The company is in existence since the year 1996 and have been providing high-quality skateboards to its users for over 20 years now. The boards that the company offers are quite budget friendly and best for you if you are not looking for something very expensive.

It has gained a lot of experience in the field of skateboarding and has therefore expanded its operations ever since its inception. Its products range from skateboards to longboards to protective pads and even the hardware tools required for assembly.

These boards are a bomb for the people who are beginners and just entering the unique and fun world of skateboarding.

It managed to recognise the huge gap between the cheap boards and the professional ones. The cheap ones come out with hard plastic that don’t roll on the ground with ease.

This is when Krown decided to bring a price-point skateboard in the market falls in between the two and still function out as a good board which is affordable as well.

4 Best Krown Skateboard Reviews

Indeed its hard to decide weather to go for Krown skateboard or not. But don’t worry because  Arcades project is your savior. We have reviewed four skateboards and listed down the pros and cons of each board to help you make a better decision. These options are hand picked from the company so that we help you get the best selection out of the pool of varieties available.

All the reviews have been done keeping in mind the view point of customers. The ratings provided by the customers have also been taken into account while preparing these reviews. The list goes as follows-


  • Dimension: 31.5 x 7.7 x 5.2 inches
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: 5.8 Pounds

Extra features: The board is made up of Canadian maple to add to the light weightiness and additional durability of the deck.

The KPC skateboard is one of the best choices when it comes to amateurs. It has a stylish deck with many available patterns and colours to choose from. It has a medium sized deck with a measurement of 7.75x 30 inches that cannot be considered as small if you try it.

The wheels are white in colour with a diameter of 52mm for a smoother and faster ride on the grounds. They are built with a polyurethane formula for better traction on the ground. The 99A durometer of the wheels will help you gain speed and keep your ride balanced even on uneven surfaces than the less durometer ones.

The trucks are built with black coloured aluminium metal that keeps them light and breezy, while helping maintain flexibility with the wheels. The aluminium built making them light and flexible comes with its own disadvantage. You will have to adjust them constantly as per your weight, height and the type of turns and tricks you are going to perform.  The deck contains a black grip tape finish that increases the amount of grip on the board.

The board is made up of Canadian maple to add to the light weightiness and additional durability of the deck. It is designed quiet smartly and is a good fit for people of all ages.  The Krown pro skateboard review will be incomplete without listing out the pros and cons.


  • The board has a strong and lightweight construction due to the maple wood built
  • It can bear harsh abuse of different lands
  • This Krown skateboard can be used for many professional tricks and turns
  • It comes pre-assembles and therefore, saves your effort and time
  • Provides better traction and balance to the overall ride even during longer distances


  • The trucks require a lot of adjusting many times for better flexibility in the ride


  • Dimension: 31 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: 4.8 Pounds

Extra features: The board comes with a stylish look with some multi-colour graphic stickers to make the ride fun.

This Krown rookie skateboard review includes all the details and specifications about the board for your better understanding. The board comes with a stylish look with some multi-colour graphic stickers to make the ride fun.

You can take it anywhere to ride, be it a park or streets or side walk. The board comes pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about going through a whole lot of instructions about the same. The company has carefully designed this board in relation to all its parts to give you a comfortable ride. It is quite affordable in nature.

The wheels come with a diameter of 52 mm and are built with soft polyurethane formula to provide a smooth ride. The bearings come with an ABEC 5 rating, offering a balanced ride than usual. The trucks measure 5 inches and are made of aluminium, makes them lighter and flexible.

The deck measures about 31.5 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width and is a very good choice for people who are beginners in this sport. It is also constructed with Canadian maple wood with a slight concave shape, making the board stronger, comfortable and durable in longer run. The deck also comes installed with a black grip tape for better traction and balance.

The whole board measures only 4.7 pounds, making it light in weight and easier to carry around. All the components are high quality built to meet with the user’s requirements.


  • The various option and patterns in the board gives it a stylish look
  • The wide diameter wheels help gaining speed faster during the ride
  • Board comes with a soft polyurethane formula that helps you to ride easily on uneven surfaces
  • The board is light in weight
  • Canadian Maple wood construction makes the deck stronger and durable for longer period


  • The trucks are not properly adjusted to the board


  • Dimension: 30 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: 4.6 Pounds

Extra features: The Maplewood construction makes the deck stronger as well as lighter in weight, while the concave shape helps you to make sharper turns, increases grip and also provides a better chance of performing tricks. 

The Krown Rookie Checker Skateboard, comes in a check patterned manner, as the name suggests with six different colours to choose from. It has a simple yet elegant design that makes it stand out from other skateboards. This board is suitable for all ages who want to cruise all along the streets. The deck of the board is made of Maplewood with a modern W-concave design.

The Maplewood construction makes the deck stronger as well as lighter in weight, while the concave shape helps you to make sharper turns, increases grip and also provides a better chance of performing tricks.

The wheels are made using high-rebound urethane formula, measuring 52mm in diameter, with a durometer of 99A. This combination will definitely provide you with better traction, balance, speed and stability even on uneven grounds.

The trucks are built with aluminium alloy metal, that helps them be light in weight and also provide the needed flexibility to perform various tricks and techniques.

This board will definitely help in moving around fast, as it requires less push with the result of increased speed.


  • The board provides stylish checker designs for you in 6 different colour choices
  • The concave shapes help to perform pro tricks with ease
  • The soft and high rebound urethane formula helps gain speed faster
  • It will help in providing better traction and stability on uneven grounds
  • The wheels require less push and effort for gaining more speed


  • The deck can wear down faster when overused
  • The quality has been compromised in recent times


  • Dimension: 31 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Wheel Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: 5 Pounds

Extra features: The deck also includes a black grip tape for better grip over the board, which provides a better chance of performing tricks and turns.

The Krown Rookie Graphic Skateboard is also another sub category that falls under the skateboards of Krown company. The company has provided a lot of quality boards since the last 20 years and more.
This board also falls under this category. It is affordable in nature and won’t burn a hole in your pockets. This one is also suitable for all the ages and is versatile in nature.

It comes in various trendy and chic patterns and colours from which you can choose. The deck measures 31 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width and has a construction of Canadian maple wood. It helps in making it stronger and light in weight at the same time.

The deck also includes a black grip tape for better grip over the board, which provides a better chance of performing tricks and turns.

The wheels measure 52mm in diameter and are built with soft urethane formula to give you a smoother and balanced ride on uneven surfaces.
The trucks are made with 5inches aluminium metal, which gives them the necessary lightness and flexibility to do the stunts.

Overall this board is a good choice for beginners and amateurs and you can ride on whatever grounds you can think of.


  • This board also offers a lot of stylish patterns and colours to choose from
  • It is quite affordable in nature, i.e., they are very budget friendly in nature
  • This Krown skateboard is one of the best boards for sliding and carving
  • The Canadian maple wood construction makes the deck stronger and lighter in weight
  • It also provides a smooth and balanced ride throughout the journey


  • The bearing and the trucks are not as flexible and strong as advertised.

Things to Look While Buying Krown Skateboard

There are a lot of features and specifications that you should look for while purchasing a skateboard. If you are a beginner or an amateur, looking for the specifications in general will become all the more important, as that will help you choose the best one for your capabilities. If you want a personal touch to these factors, you should search for a good skateboard shop nearby to gather all the necessary knowledge about the product you might want to grab onto. You can even take test ride at the local shop if you want to for a better practical experience.

You must accumulate all the information about the kinds of board you want and the particular details you are searching for and then make an informed decision. Some people do not check up these things and end up with a board which they might probably would like to bargain for a whole new one.
Some of the important features to look for a good quality Krown skateboard are mentioned below-

  • Design
    The Krown rookie skateboards are all designed with cool and stylish graphics to give them an elegant look. There are a lot of patterns to choose from. This is only the exterior we are talking about.

    The important thing that matter while choosing a skateboard is the type deck design the board has in order to perform tricks.
    One of things to see while searching for design is the type of construction it has. The decks of various boards are built either from maple wood or bamboo or plastic. The plastic ones are surely lightweight, but can tend to deteriorate with extensive use. The bamboo is definitely a good choice for decks as it makes them stronger and lighter than maple wood.

    Maple wood is also a good choice when it comes to boards as these are multifunctional and increase the overall strength and durability of the deck.  All the decks either come in flat surface or concave shape. Flat surfaces are no doubt good, but not the best to perform stunts and tricks, but for cruising and downhill riding. The concave ones help more in performing tricks and stunts.

    All the Krown skateboards are made with maple wood that makes them stronger and durable. They all are also concave shaped to help with better techniques and tricks.  The better the design of the board, the smoother will be the ride, while cruising around the town.

  • Deck
    The size of the deck matters when it comes to skateboarding. The standard size of a skateboard must be 31 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width. This is the size which comes in almost all the boards of this category. If you are a novice or an amateur, you must get yourself this size for better practise outdoors.

    The first Krown Pro Skateboard measures 8.0” x 32”. Most pro skateboards come with this measurement as it becomes easier for them to perform all the cools slides and tricks associated. The Rookie models on the other hand come in the standard size and are therefore best choices for beginners. The first one is a pro skateboard that would be the best choice for the pros in the sport.

    The quality of the deck must also be measured before purchasing one. The quality should obviously be good and should hold a good weight capacity to hold your body mass. The average weight a board should carry should be around 220lbs.

    Most of the Krown skateboard come with the same capacity. Also check if the deck consists of grip tape. It helps to place your feet on the board for longer periods and therefore better balance. The Krown boards come with black grip tapes for better traction.

  • Truck
    The trucks should be a factor to look for when you go out searching for skateboards. A good truck installation will keep your wheels intact and will also help to accomplish better skills.

    Almost all the skateboards come with aluminium or steel or silver built. While silver is a costly affair and therefore off limits, the aluminium ones are far safer and lighter than others. You should definitely choose a skateboard with aluminium trucks for good balance and flexibility. It also helps in stabilizing the whole ride.

    Mostly all the Krown skateboards come with aluminium alloy or aluminium built. That is why, we would recommend to buy one of these to get a good deal for your skateboard.

  • Wheels & Bearings
    The wheels and bearings of a board play an important factor while deciding to buy one. You should check for the quality and material from which they are build. The wheels must have a wide diameter for a better and smooth ride. The Krown skateboards provide you with wheels that measure 52 inches in diameter. This the standard size in which the company sells its board. The size is a good indicator of a faster and smoother ride.

    Then comes the durometer of the wheels. A higher durometer wheels helps in providing better traction on even as well as rough roads. The Krown skateboards comes with high durometers, most of them measuring 99A. This helps in better grip on the ground.

    When it comes to bearings, look for a board with higher ranking in ABEC ratings. The ratings go from 1-11. Higher the rating, better the ride would be. Krown skateboards come with a good ABEC rating, so you don’t have to worry too much about the performance during the ride.

Our Honest Review of Krown Skateboards

We have discussed all the necessary details about the Krown skateboard company as needed. The company has been in existence for more than 20 years and have shared some of their best products over the years.

The reviews that we have provided are all true and reflect the customer satisfaction point. The overall experience with these skateboards has been good. Most of the customers have provided a good rating to these skateboards and therefore we decided to include such products in this article.

Though over the years, the quality has declined to a certain extent, but we would still recommend the above mentioned skateboards because they are the so called ‘hidden gems’ of the company. They are good in quality and are affordable in nature as well. The Krown skateboards have been known for their efficient and consistent performance throughout their period. The stylish looks and graphics of the boards also add to the charm of the board.

There are different skateboards present which reflect different riding styles of the users. These board have good design and quality components, which still keeps the brand on the top list. We have tried to put together these four skateboard reviews for you so that you don’t have to waste your energy in choosing the best Krown skateboard available in the market. If you are a fan of the Krown skateboard, don’t miss out on these products in any way.

Final Verdict

This was our take on the honest Krown skateboard reviews for you. The company has been more or less steady with the performance of their products over the years.

We would definitely recommend you to go for these skateboards if you are looking for something that gives you good quality and also is affordable in nature. The features that you need to take look before buying, have also been discussed so that you don’t have waste your time in searching for the results. Or you can check out Kryptonics Skateboard reviews if you want more option to look more.

Always remember to wear protective gears and helmet before going outdoors to prevent any injuries. Make sure that your skateboard is up to date and well maintained to avoid any damage to the board or any other part.
Go out now and invest in these skateboards at least once.

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