An Ultimate Guide on How to Ride a Longboard the Easiest Way

To be good at something, you first need to learn the tricks and techniques of the thing you are interested in. Only after that, you can be confident enough to go out and portray to the world your skills.

 When it comes to longboarding, there are many small things that you need to keep in mind, like buying the perfect board, what all to look for when buying the board, little tricks to ride it, and many more. 

how to ride a longboard

 If you are a beginner and have no clue as to what and How to Ride a Longboard, you have come to the right place because after reading this article, you will get a clear idea, theoretically, of riding a board. In this article, we have covered many questions about longboarding, all of them answering the one question, i.e., how to ride a longboard?

Know if you are Goofy or Regular Footed

regular or goofy footed

 The first step in getting started with longboarding is knowing whether you are a regular footed or goofy footed person. You are said to be a goofy-footer according to the position you try to stand while on the board, i.e., when you position yourself towards the left leg. But when you position yourself according to the right leg while keeping it forward, at that time you are a regular footer.

 After figuring that out, the next step is getting hold of your stance, which is again called a goofy stance and regular stance. The goofy stance is where you place your left leg on the ground and your right leg on the board to move forward, while you will be known to have a regular stance when you do the opposite of that.

As most people on this planet are found to be right-handed, similarly, most people have a regular stance when it comes to longboarding, because, for most people, the dominant foot always becomes the pusher.

Keep your best feet back

 When you have to start the ride, you have to pick your best foot at the back of the board to push the board forward, be it the right foot or the left foot. 

 In this article, we will learn about how to ride a longboard for beginners, so don’t be afraid to experiment and fail. You have to start the ride by placing your standing foot onto the middle of the board and then using the other foot to give a little push on the ground to kick start the ride and get a smooth ride possible.

 In the beginning, you cannot expect to be at the top of the longboarding game, with the time, you might also be able to switch your legs to push forward. If you feel that you are slowing down, try to maintain the balance with your standing foot and then slowly lift the other foot off the board and push gradually. These things will require constant practice and dedication, so don’t lose hope and keep doing it!

Learn to Push-off the right way

 Going out on the streets and practicing is a very good idea for learning how to longboard. But, getting some help might also be a good idea if you want to do it right from the very beginning. One of the most important things about riding a longboard is to understand the tricks to get that push-off in the right manner.

 For that, you first need to keep your front foot straight whenever you have to push the board and try to acquire a good balance from that foot and only then make a good push from the other foot on the ground. 

 There is quite a popular technique in the world of skateboarding known as “pushing Mongo,” in which you have to push off with your front foot. But, for a person who is an amateur, this technique might not be the best as it requires a lot of practice and only after learning to push the board through the preferred stance, should you try this.

Practice Turning on the board

 You cannot always ride the board in a straight line and have to learn to turn it as per your whims and fancies. What you need to do is, you will have to shift your weight entirely to your heels or the toes, all of this depending on which direction you are wanting to turn, and the pressure on the board will move it to where you want to go. For example, if you want to turn to your left, try to shift your weight backward toward your heels, or if you want to turn right, you must try to shift your entire weight forward toward your toes.

Once you learn casual turns, move onto the next level of it, i.e., sharp turns that are also known as carves. You have to use the same technique with more precision in this case. This is not as easy as it looks, you might fail and fall a lot. But don’t lose hope and keep on practicing to become the best of it.

Bend your knees slightly for making a good balance

bend your knees

 When longboarding, you must always maintain balance on the roads so that you don’t fall very often. Of course, to keep on moving forward, you must learn how to fall, only to pick yourself up right back and keep on riding.

 There is a simple trick to keep balancing the ride when you are not pushing the board anymore and just gliding along the way. You just need to keep your body relaxed and bend your knees, and you will definitely be able to control and balance your ride more easily. 

 But when moving forward through pushing, you constantly need to maintain balance on the front foot and then push your back foot. If you place your back foot too far back, you might lose complete control of the board, and it might rear up really quickly.

 One pro tip that might help you get that balance straight is keeping the knees bent and looking up in the direction you want to head to. That will surely help you in succeeding in this game.

Get your Shoulders and Hips positioned

 When longboarding, one should take care of the position you apply when keeping the board stable enough for cruising around the city. You should always, always place your shoulders and hips in a balanced position so that you can continue maintaining the balance in your ride for longer distances. This also puts less stress on pushing the board, again and again, every 2 seconds as this balancing position will help in achieving a good speed over a longer period of time.

 The technique for this is to, rotate your front foot and shoulders forward while dropping the back foot onto the ground and giving a little push to your board, This will really help in keeping the board balanced for a longer duration.

How to Push Longboard

 You first have to establish your stance, and only then you can make the next push. As discussed above, there are two stances with which are familiar with the regular stance and the goofy stance.

 After you have decided the stance, you now know which foot will be the most responsible one for balancing the whole act, i.e., the foot which will be on the board always.

 If you are a goofy footer and wondering how to ride a longboard goofy, you have to the right place to seek some advice. All you have to do is, place your left leg on the ground and the right leg on the board and then gently pushing the left leg, giving momentum to the board to move forward. You have to do the opposite legs when you are a regular footer. Repeating the process will help you ride in a better manner.

How to Turn Your Longboard

 This is quite an easy process, once you hold onto the technique and practice it regularly. For turning, position yourself in the direction you want to turn and then place all your weight onto the heels and toes. This will not just turn the board into the direction you want but also help maintain the speed even after turning.

Learn to Stop Longboard Safely

 Starting the ride is the easy part per se. The scary question that arises is how to stop on a longboard and when to apply brakes while riding.

 Though the trick is simple, overdoing it can cause injury and some serious issues. This technique is popularly known as ‘foot breaking.’

 When it is time to apply the brakes, firstly, keep standing in the same position where you are, trying to push the board forward into motion. Secondly and lastly, slide your foot on the ground slowly and brushing it gently against the ground. This creates friction, causing the board to stop

 Never apply too much pressure on the ground as it can rear off the board and even cause you to fall, causing injuries.

If things might seem to go out of control and you are not able to apply the brakes as needed, always jump out of the board to cause some serious hazards.

Safety Precautions need to follow While longboarding

 There are many precautions that a longboarder should take care of to ensure a safe and secure ride.

  • No matter you are commuting on your longboard or Always wear helmets that meet the safety standards that are essentially designed to protect the skateboarders or longboarders.
  • Other than a helmet, always engage in other safety gear as well as the wrist guards, knee, and elbow pads. These will help you in the long run and help in avoiding any unwanted injuries.
  • Always check the kind of board you are riding on, that it has no loose ends in any way, especially the wheels.
  • Check the local weather and then go out to enjoy that ride. Also, try to go out as a group or where the visibility of the grounds is clear.
  • You have to be careful about the road bumps, potholes, speed breakers, and uneven surfaces while riding a longboard.
  • Never drive on roads with more traffic, it can cause serious troubles.

Longboarding Tips

 As an honorable citizen, you should always keep in mind some tips while riding the longboard. These are-

  • Always select the best longboard according to your requirements so that it does not cause you grief in later stages.
  • If you are riding the longboard on the roads, you must always follow the traffic rules and the basic road rules. For example, go straight or following the traffic lights.
  • Keep track of your movements and techniques and always keep practicing to ace them.
  • Keep your board clean and free of rust to avoid any damage.
  • When riding on pavements or sidewalks, have the sense of providing a way to the local pedestrians by hand gestures or by gentle vocal gestures.
  • Avoid any loud noises that might cause commotion in the neighborhood and stay away from any fights.

Wrapping it Up

 Nobody is perfect, and nobody will ever be perfect. You are bound to make mistakes, but let those mistakes teach you to improve every time. 

 If you are all caught up on the techniques after this article, it is time to go out and try them this instant to learn and master the ability of how to longboard.

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