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How To Get Soul Ash

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How To Get Soul Ash. While there are technically two ways to earn soul ash, you’ll want to focus on the first and most important: Higher the item level, more soul ash is used.

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On top of that, it is only purchasable from torghast brokers, so you have to continuously run torghast if you want to buy the bag. After you opened the layer (finish it by killing its floor 5 boss) you open the next higher layer, and any other next wing you do you can go directly to a highest layer opened (e.g. How to obtain soul ash there are two ways to obtain soul ash in shadowlands:

Return To The Runecarver With These And He’ll Help You Craft A New Legendary At The New Item Level.

The first time a layer boss is defeated, it will drop soul ash. The first five ranks can be achieved through farming soul ash from torghast, tower of the damned, up to item level 235. The mimic tear ashes can be found in nokron, eternal city, in a chest behind an imp statue in the night's sacred ground zone.

Completing Layers From Wings Of Torghast;

This item costs 1,500 soul ash, but you only get 1,300 soul ashon your alts for a loss of 200. I have not completed a layer 3 on this character yet, so “you must have already done it” is not an answer, and i also did not “accidentally enter layer 2” as i specifically noted that i. I got the legendary, but no soul ash.

You Can Use The Group Finder To Find More People To Do It With, If Necessary.

Higher the item level, more soul ash is used. You will be able to get so much soul ash in patch 9.1. Calculate how much cosmic flux, soul ash and soul cinders you need to create or upgrade your legendary items.

While There Are Technically Two Ways To Earn Soul Ash, You’ll Want To Focus On The First And Most Important:

Layer 5) and it will reward you the soul ash of the layers 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 altogether. You can read more about rune carving in our guide here. We already noted that in patch 9.1, you’ll be able to send soul ash to alts, meaning that you could conceivably farm soul ash on a bunch of your characters and funnel it towards one you want to craft a legendary for.

The First Two Sources Just Require Picking.

There are only three ways to earn soul ash: Thankfully, there have been some great qua. And now, we’re discovering that torghast will drop more soul ash, not just.

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