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How To Draw Anime Eyes

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How To Draw Anime Eyes. Draw little spikes to show details of the eye. One defining feature of anime eyes is that they are usually much more significant and broader than natural eyes, so we will draw them like that.

Pin by Salivia on beautiful eyes colour Anime eye
Pin by Salivia on beautiful eyes colour Anime eye from

Draw little spikes to show details of the eye. Then try to stylize the shape of the eye before you put it down on canvas. Next you need to decide how you want your anime eye to look, you can either draw it as straight, or as slightly slanted.

First Thing, Find Good Real Life Reference To Look At.

The first step in drawing anime eyes is to find an example picture of an eye that you like and get an idea of what it looks like, this step is very important. So i guess, really, this. Make sure the eye connects in a realistic way at the corner, rather than just drawing two flat, parallel lines.

Draw It With A Pen So We Can Erase It Later.

Then add in the upper and lower eyelids. Drawing anime female eyes is relatively simple. Here are some examples of girls anime eyes.

So That Is How We Will Draw Them.

The eyes should be far enough apart that you can fit a third eye in between. This is how the blade of the upper eyelashes is formed. Since anime eyes typically have more expression and less detail than other styles of eye drawing, you can move right along to drawing the iris.

Choose The Eye Contours Of Your Choice.

How to draw anime eyes? To get a typical sentence, draw the iris slightly covered by the upper. In this step, you won’t be filling the iris in, but you will want to create the oval shape and use your drawing tool to create a thick line around the outside of the iris.

Good Orientation For Drawing Anime Eyes But Also For Realistic Eyes Is The Sketching Of Three Horizontally Arranged Squares.

Because of how large and rounded anime eyes sometimes look from the front, it can be easy to get confused when drawing from the side. Anime boy eyes are usually much smaller than anime girls because of. The eyes should be far enough apart to insert the third eye.

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