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Our Latest Reviews
best skateboard wheels for rough roads

10 Best Skateboard Wheels for Rough Roads

There are a lot of skateboarding routines that people follow religiously. Seeing the popularity that this sport has gained….

longboards for commuting

10 Best Longboard for Commuting Reviews

One of the best outdoor and fun activities is Longboarding, which is loved by people of all ages, cast or color. You can be…..

best longboard wheels for downhill

Best Longboarding Wheels for Cruising, Downhill, Sliding in 2019

Longboarding can be a very relieving activity and is also considered as a stress buster for many people….

Riding Tips & Tricks
how to ride a longboard

An Ultimate Guide on How to Ride a Longboard the Easiest Way

To be good at something, you first need to learn the tricks and techniques of the thing you are interested in. Only after that…

how to clean skateboard wheels and bearings

Guide on How to Clean Skateboard Wheels and Bearings

ou will notice after a specific time into skateboarding, that the wheels and bearings of the board start to gather dust and dirt….

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